Through innovation and ingenuity, G&G Armament has been leading the Airsoft community for over 30 years and it is ready to introduce its products into the professional level of development. With the establishment of the Training Development Unit (TDU), G&G is proud to support the dedicated Law Enforcement and Military professionals around the world.

Utilizing the latest Airsoft technology, the gap between training and real world scenarios is closer than ever before. With the use of plastic 6mm BBs, the cost of rounds spent during training is no longer a limiting factor. This system provides a low-impact, reliable, and cost effective solution to force on force training programs while still providing consistency in repetition for Law Enforcement and Military professionals.

The concept of the TDU was simple; we incorporated the professional essence and integrity of G&G and created a department dedicated to serving Law Enforcement and Military professionals. The products are handpicked to fit operational needs and are based on the most current equipment deployed by professionals around the world. TDU’s products design features low impact projectiles with action and fire controls that match its firearm counterparts. The low-impact nature of BBs makes TDU products one of the safest training tools on the market. The experienced TDU team can consult, integrate, and service your agency to maximize your training benefits.

Airsoft technology has evolved by leaps and bounds, where yesterday’s consumer product has transformed into today’s professional training tool. Thirty years of experience creates a solid foundation of support and combined with a real world understanding of uniformed professionals, G&G has redefined serving Law Enforcement and Military professionals with its Training Development Unit.