Mock M18 Smoke Grenade (INERT)
Shape BB Loader Set Red / Yellow
Mock M26 Hand Grenade (INERT)
Shape BB Loader


Mock MK-2 Hand Grenade (INERT)
Shape BB Loader (Plastic)
M84 Replica (INERT)
Tactical Rifle Bag (Black)
G-07-167-1 (88cm)                     G-07-167-3 (100cm)
G-07-167-2 (88cm) Double       G-07-167-4 (100cm) Double
G07-167-5 (120cm)
G&G Quick Adjusting Sling
G-07-205 (Black)
G-07-205-1 (Desert Tan)
G&G 3 Point Sling
G-07-204 (Black)
G-07-204-1 (Desert Tan)


BB’s pellets manufactured by G&G Armament are like no other BB’s on the market. The molds use to create the pellets have fewer cavities, allowing the plastic pellets to be as c lose to 6mm as possible. In doing this, G&G’s BBs do not require rough polishing to reduce their size; instead, they are finely polished four times to ensure that they are perfectly spherical.

G&G Armament BB’s undergo a rigorous selection process to ensure our synthetic rounds are a higher precision product. While some manufacturers accept a tolerance size and sphere within 0.01mm, G&G Armament controls the tolerance within 0.005mm, making them the most precise BB pellets on the market. The perfect surface and precise size make for incredible air-seal and feeding.

With military and law enforcement facilities around the world looking into more economical training products, eco-friendly and biodegradable training rounds are gaining more momentum. Bio BBs from G&G Armament are truly biodegradable,  using natural materials that dissolve with condensation and sun light, resulting in them being well received in the world market, as well as environmental sites.

G&G Armament TDU (Training Development Unit) hand selected BB’s that are engineered to be a cut above for the demanding military and law enforcement training needs.

[5000 shots 0.20G P.S.B.P.]
G-07-096 (white)
[4000 shots 0.25 P.S.B.P.]
G-07-097 (white)
[2000 shots]
G-07-097 (white-0.20G BIO)
G-07-202 (white-0.23G BIO)
G-07-150 (white-0.25G BIO)
G-07-151 (white-0.28G BIO)
[5000 shots 0.20G BIO]
G-07-103 (white)
[4000 shots 0.25G BIO]
G-07-126 (white)
[3000 shots]
G-07-107 (white-0.20G P.S.B.P.)
G-07-108 (white-0.25G P.S.B.P.)
G-07-109 (white-0.28G P.S.B.P.)
[3571 shots 0.28G BIO]
G-07-127 (white)
[4350 shots 0.23G BIO]
G-07-169 (white)

G&G M.I.T. Unit

Military Intelligence Tracer Unit

M.I.T. Unit

G-01-039 (Black)
G-01-039-1 (Dessert Tan)

G&G Battery Box w/ Laser Pointer

G-12-027 (Black)
G-12-027-1 (Dessert Tan)

About the M.I.T. Unit

The G&G M.I.T. (Military Intelligence Tracer) Unit, was developed to fulfill the growing needs of training programs adapting to TDU training rifles or synthetic engagement technology. The training is more efficient, and the overall training conducted is cleaner, more economical and easier to maintain. The engagement range of these Airsoft is limited due to its design.

The most effective training utilizing airsoft technology is force on force, active shooter, and close quarters. Since the low impact projectile can effectively engage target within 150 feet, by using M.I.T Unit in addition to a training rifle, the range can be increased up to 500 feet.

The M.I.T Unit includes multiple functions, such as a tracer unit, a visible laser, round counter and a chronometer to calculate the muzzle velocity. The M.I.T. Unit is designed as a suppressor, which allows it to be fitted to any G&G TDU training rifle that comes equipped with a threaded barrel. The most advanced feature of the M.I.T. Unit is the adaption to the concept of the MILES Gear (Multiple Integrated Laser Engagement System), which is used by the US Military for training. The MILES is essentially a lase engagement system, where the laser is activated by blanks being fired from the rifle. The engagement concept is the same; a sensor within the unit detects when a training round is fired and activates a short laser pulse, which then activate sensors worn by other trainees when hit. The opposition force sensor then then registers the hit with flashing lights and sound.

G&G M.I.T. Helmet, Sensor Vest

To accompany with the M.I.T. Unit is the G&G M.I.T. Helmet and Sensor Vest. The M.I.T. Helmet has a quick release laser sensor located on top. The Receiver has sensors on four sides, which allows for the operator to engage from all sides. The M.I.T. Sensor Vest has a grid pattern on its front and back, which can detect coded laser pulses to determine a hit. The signal is then transmitted to the helmet receiver, triggering flashing lights and sound, declaring that the operator is HIT and eliminating any further engagement attempts.

Other styles of the sensor vest are available for players to choose from.