Indoor, Outdoor, Deployment

Rain or shine, the TDU CQB grids can be set up both indoor and outdoor for training. Utilizing TDU Training RIfles the team can get more year round training, despite weather restrictions.

Training, Development, Unit Cohesion

It’s designed for easy deployment, it’s designed for modularity, but above all it’s designed to enhance teamwork. The TDU CQB Systems has one intent: enhance training. With the minimal of space, this entire system can be set up and customized to fit the departments needs changing the dynamics of how training is conducted.

Modular, lightweight,
rapid situation change

The TDU CQB’s enhanced lightweight grids allow the trainers to rapidly set-up and customize a variety of situations and layouts to maximize training.

Team Building, Objective Negotiation

Never train one dimensionally. The TDU CQB System can be used in conjunction with different training devices and has the ability to increase or decrease threat contingency level.

Action, Mobility and Speed

Conduct training, conduct entry maneuvers, and enhance egress procedures. With the simplicity of setting up and using the system, and its wide array of application, trainees can develop skills of positive muscle memory and situation awareness.